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Pennsylvania Association of Rural and Small Schools

2020–2021 Teacher Grant Winners

Congratulations to all of the educators who received teacher grants. Teacher grants are for use in the classroom and will allow teachers to provide an enhanced learning experience for their students.

Teacher Grant Winners

Rebecca Conner, a technology education teacher and a STEM champions who works with the STEM studio, STEM interns, and the Pennsylvania governor's STEM school, receives a check from PARSS.

Rebecca Conner receiving check

The Warren County Career Center (WCCC) Machine Technology Program of Study has received a $4,456.00 grant through the efforts of the Pennsylvania Association of Rural and Small Schools (PARSS). Grant funds will be used to purchase tooling and other equipment to support the CNC machinery used in student instruction. Please see the Warren County Career Center (WCCC) Machine Technology Program of Study press release for more information.

Pictured from left to right: Colton Black, precision machine technology instructor for the WCCC and Hunter Gourley, a senior student in the machine technology program. Both are seen with some of the tooling purchased with the PARSS grant funds.

Colton Black and Hunter Gourley receiving check

Superintendent Dr. G. Brian Toth of the St. Mary's Area School District presents a check to Brenton Rieger. Brenton Rieger on left, and Dr. Toth is on the right.

Brenton Rieger receiving check

Forest Area presentation of the grant check. Amanda Hetrick is on the left, and Luke Alex is on the right.

Amanda Hetrick receiving check

Thomas J. Samosky, superintendent, presents a check to Dustin Thompson, Dassa McKinney principal and Kimberley McBryar, Dassa McKinney STREAM technology teacher (the R is for reading).

Dustin Thompson and Kimberley McBryar receiving a check

Bill Henderson presents a check to John Malone for his grant received from the PARSS organization.

John Malone receives check