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Pennsylvania Association of Rural and Small Schools

Who We Are

The Pennsylvania Association of Rural and Small Schools (PARSS) is an advocacy and service organization dedicated to ensuring that the Commonwealth's rural school students have access to a quality education.

Our Purpose

PARSS exists to organize and unify rural and small schools throughout Pennsylvania. As one collective voice speaking on behalf of rural students and school districts, we create a strong presence and have the power to influence decision makers as they deliberate public school funding and policy.

Our Goals

Our major organizational goals include the fair and equitable funding of rural education as well as the provision of quality educational opportunities for rural kids.

We have instituted the following goals to fulfill our purpose and overall goals: 

  • Develop a knowledge database through research and the compilation of existing data sources
  • Formulate plans, proposals, subsidies, and curricula in the best interests of the membership
  • Inform the legislature, Pennsylvania State Board of Education, and other such groups or agencies of the concerns, needs, and research of the association so as to effectively influence legislation, rules, regulations, and policy
  • Inform our membership of the results and conclusions reached based on our research, data collection, and plans of the association
  • Solicit our membership to support the goals of the organization
  • Communicate frequently with our members

We Believe

  • Young people are Pennsylvania’s greatest resource.
  • All students have potential and all students can learn.
  • Quality education is an investment in Pennsylvania’s future.
  • All students are entitled to a quality and equitable education regardless of socioeconomic background or geographic location.
  • A strong commitment by Pennsylvania state government is necessary to ensure excellence in rural and small school education.
  • Cooperation with the public and private sectors is essential in addressing the needs and concerns of rural and small school education.
  • Rural and small schools are unique and will produce many of our future leaders in all major worthwhile endeavors.
  • Preserving the inherent strengths of the rural and small town way of life is critical to the well-being and the vitality of this state and nation.
  • We are the major association representing and promoting the interests of rural and small school education in Pennsylvania.