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Pennsylvania Association of Rural and Small Schools


When your school district or organization becomes a member of PARSS, not only will you add to the momentum of change in education funding, but you'll also gain access to a wealth of resources including staff development and training from engaging and dynamic speakers, assistance in filling top-level administrative positions, and timely updates on how pending legislation will, or will not, affect your school. 

Here's What Our Members Have to Say:

I am writing this letter on behalf of Dr. Edward Albert, who advised the Bald Eagle Area School District Board of Directors in the search for a new superintendent. It was a distinct honor to have Dr. Albert at our side every step of the way, providing guidance to ensure that the district found a superintendent who was not only supremely qualified but that fit the needs of our district.

Every step in the process was met with urgency and delivered the expected results. Feedback from all stakeholders, including the community, was non-negotiable in our search. Dr. Albert met with all board members, administrators, and faculty to determine their desired qualities in a superintendent. He then offered a survey on our website for the community to complete.

With a very clearly defined set of qualities, the stakeholders were seeking in a future superintendent, dr. Albert set a very realistic yet efficient timeline to find a list of applicants. These applicants were not only in line with our requirements but were exceptionally qualified to perform the role.

I am grateful for the key role Dr. Albert played in our selection and would readily endorse him to any district searching for a new superintendent.

Jason Penland
Bald Eagle Area School District Board Director

Thank you for your work facilitating the community input session for our strategic/comp plan review and revision of the district beliefs and goals. This helped us establish strategies and activities for the district to implement to meet the identified overarching goals. During the evening event, the group supported the continued use of the current mission statement. Everyone felt that your leadership helped the group to work through the discussions in a professional and congenial manner, and we came away with a solid foundation for the next steps of the process!

Karen Jez
Board President

The opportunity to have PARSS and its associated resources be available to me as a new superintendent is extremely valuable. Dr. Albert provided a high quality keynote address to our staff that was motivational and fun and delivered with a high level of passion. I had numerous positive comments from the staff shared about his delivery, experience, and excitement. The timing was perfect for the staff, which has been through some rough times over the last year(s), and Ed created the perfect environment through his words and team building activities to support the shift in our cultural climate I am working hard to improve.

Jason Bottiglieri, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools
Wyalusing Area School District

Thank you so much to you and the PARSS Board of Directors for encouraging Ed Albert in his plan to offer staff development as a service for PARSS. Ed visited Forest Area School District this morning, presented an inspirational keynote speech, and conducted a two-hour session on classroom management for our elementary teachers and classroom aides. Our staff raved all the rest of the day about his presentations. We do not typically have the finances to bring in outside speakers of his quality and experience. The chance to work with Ed is something that our staff will benefit from for years to come. He gave them practical strategies, a sense of a larger world that shares problems similar to ours, and a reminder that education is a noble and worthwhile profession. He was also well versed in the benefits of small schools and gave our staff a positive perspective with which to start the new school year.

Amanda Hetrick
Superintendent of Schools
Forest Area School District

I wanted to take a few minutes to let you know how impressed my board members and I were with Ed's session at Gettysburg. Ed not only left us with an outstanding first impression, he left us with a very positive lasting impression of both him and of PARSS. The post-session discussion was never, “IF we contract,” it was, “at what level WILL we contract?” I was very happy to be able to let Ed know that GASD will be contracting with PARSS. Every one of the eight board members in attendance Monday evening had nothing but positive comments for the activities and Ed's “tell it like it is style.”

Here a few of the comments sent to me by our board members:

"Your idea to have Ed come in was absolutely perfect.  He was able to boil down and solidify my thoughts quickly. The best $$$ we ever spent." 

"I found last evening very informative and felt good on the direction the Board is taking."

“There is no doubt that the search for GASD's next top education leader is in good hands with Ed, Woody, and Jon. As a longtime PARSS supporter, I also have no doubt that PARSS is in very good hands in the future as the mantle of leadership is handed to Ed in January. We intend to have Ed back in the coming months to facilitate a board teambuilding session.”

Thank you for your time and your service to public education.

Todd Orner
Gettysburg Area School District Board of Directors