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Pennsylvania Association of Rural and Small Schools

What We Do

Pennsylvania Association of Rural and Small Schools (PARSS) is an organization acting as an advocate for 200+ small or rural school districts in relation to school and student funding and associated issues.

Our Job

Our job is to provide awareness and knowledge of policies impacting education and education funding. In particular, we continue our pursuit of a winning verdict in a historic and prolonged legal challenge in the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court that will result in unprecedented reforms in order to assure a system of equitable funding for each Pennsylvania school child, regardless of where they live or the size of their school district.

In addition, PARSS hosts board and administration retreats, provides key-note speakers, offers trainings and staff development, and assists rural districts in recruiting and hiring qualified superintendents.

Supporting Small Districts

We specialize in small.

Here are just a few examples of how we support our member districts:

  • Feel like you’re too far away for anyone in Harrisburg to hear your voice or understand your needs? Our small/rural schools megaphone allows us to make your case loud and clear.
  • Be among the 200+ members of PARSS to receive up-to-the-minute legislative updates. We also gather and share fast facts and survey data on current “hot topics” (such as student health concerns, transportation, food service, etc) and create free webinars on current educational topics.
  • Need help fast? We’ll be your first responders when the unexpected occurs. Call us ‘round the clock, seven days a week, when questions arise.
  • You’ll like the perks. We’ll help you hire your next superintendent or other central-office administrator with customized job searches.
  • We’re dedicated. In fact, we’re the only Pennsylvania education association to participate in the current lawsuit that challenges inadequate and unfair funding for small, rural school districts. 
  • We produce and plan an annual conference, one of the most relevant, rewarding gatherings for school leaders in the Commonwealth.
  • We supply professional development programs and retreats for school board members and educators and facilitate discussion and focus groups.
  • Even your students benefit. We provide annual scholarships to member school districts and have awarded more than $90,000 during the past five years.