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Pennsylvania Association of Rural and Small Schools

What We Do

Pennsylvania Association of Rural and Small Schools (PARSS) is an organization acting as an advocate for 150+ small or rural school districts in relation to school and student funding and associated issues.

Our Job

Our job is to keep our members current on policies affecting education. In particular, we continue to pursue equitable and fair resolution to the equity lawsuit, which we filed in 1991. A winning verdict will initiate sweeping reforms to our current school funding policies resulting in significantly improved funding policies governing rural schools.

In addition, PARSS hosts board and administration retreats, provides key-note speakers, offers trainings and staff development, and assists rural districts in recruiting and hiring qualified superintendents.

Supporting Small Districts

We work with district administrators and board members to provide school management assistance tailored to your district’s needs. If the needs or specific requests of your district exceed the scope of our services, we will connect you with another agency with the expertise to resolve your issue or concern.

Here are just a few examples of how we support our member districts:

  • Design and conduct superintendent searches
  • Assist in the search process for other central office administrators
  • Analyze board–superintendent relationships
  • Guide budget and related financial reviews
  • Perform transportation studies
  • Conduct district staffing analyses
  • Create performance-based compensation plans
  • Revise and write position descriptions for district personnel
  • Set up formal visits to PDE and lawmakers in Harrisburg
  • Facilitate discussion and focus groups