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The PARSS services staff will work with district administrators and board members to provide school management assistance, tailored to individual district needs. The listing below includes examples of ways PARSS has supported member districts in addressing some of their management challenges.

  • Designed and conducted Superintendent Searches
  • Assisted in the search process for other Central Office Administrators
  • Helped to analyze Board-Superintendent Relationships
  • Guided budget and related financial reviews
  • Performed transportation studies
  • Conducted district staffing analyses
  • Created performance-based compensation plans.
  • Rewrote position descriptions for district personnel.
  • Set-up formal visits to PDE and lawmakers in Harrisburg
  • Facilitated discussion and focus groups

When a district’s request for assistance exceeds the scope of services the PARSS staff can handle, we will direct the district to other agencies which may be able to deal with the issue.

For further information contact:

Dr. Jon Rednak, Assistant Executive Director

32 Farmington Way

New Providence, PA 17560


717-951-3064 (mobile)

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