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What We Believe

We, the Pennsylvania Association of Rural and Small Schools believes that:

  • Young people are Pennsylvania’s greatest resource.
  • All students have potential and all students can learn.
  • Quality education is an investment in Pennsylvania’s future.
  • All students are entitles to a quality and equitable education regardless of socioeconomic background or geographic location.
  • A strong commitment by Pennsylvania state government is necessary to ensure excellence in rural and small school education.
  • Cooperation with the public and private sectors is essential in addressing the needs and concerns of rural and small school education.
  • Rural and small schools are unique and will produce many of our future leaders in all major worthwhile endeavors.
  • Preserving the inherent strengths of the rural and small town way of life is critical to the well-being and the vitality of this state and nation.
  • We are the major association representing and promoting the interests of rural and small school education in Pennsylvania.

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