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April 22-24, 2015
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Joint Statement: Education Leaders Believe Selection of Rivera
Signals Fairness, Equity


School Funding Litigation Update

Since the filing of the Complaint, the Executive Branch defendants, represented by the State Attorney General’s office, and the Legislative Branch defendants, represented by attorneys at Dilworth Paxson, filed Preliminary Objections asking the Court to dismiss the Complaint, essentially on the Marrero/PARSS basis that the court is precluded from hearing the two claims (“thorough and efficient” and equal protection) because there is no judicially manageable constitutional standard and separation of powers. 

Plaintiffs filed their “pro forma” answers denying the preliminary objections December.   Later that day, the court set a briefing and oral argument schedule: 

Executive and Legislative branches shall file their briefs in support of their Objections by January 16th;

Plaintiffs shall file their briefs in response by February 17th

Court will hear oral argument, en banc on the case during its March session which is March 10-14th in Harrisburg.



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